Dog Days Flea Market
30444 Gowen Rd Ardmore, Tennessee 38449
(931) 629-5885

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Latest reviews for Dog Days Flea Market 4.5/5.0 stars (7 reviews)

I moved here 10 years ago and found a house right on the road leading to this wonder palace of goodies. It has been a tradition to go shopping or site seeing every Sunday. Well now I have become a vendor... this is a great family place for all ages and even for pets from all walks of life. There is something for everyone down at dog day! Food, fun and family time! Come check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. We are open every Saturday and Sunday, but Sundays are the best days to come. Come early tho! SEE YOU THERE!
Well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive. Something new to see all the time and great deals.
Hopefully they won't shut you down because of Corona Virus. I look forward to going every Sunday. I'm the old guy with the White Cowboy Hat "F-350 Diesel" that discussed "Brimfield" with you awhile back. I have gotten many great deals at your place. I even come in the rain! It will be a sad day if it ever ends. Thanks Alex...
I loved it there what does it cost to set up a booth
Love this flea market. You can find anything you looking for.
I've been a few time and I love it! We drive over an hour just to come! Just wondering are pets allowed to come from home to enjoy a day of thrift shopping?
Best flea market ever. I have found tools dogs four wheelers and even a kitchen sink. High recommended. If you like going to yard sales thou should love it. It's like a huge yard sale

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