Dog Days Flea Market
30444 Gowen Rd Ardmore, Tennessee 38449
(931) 629-5885

About Dog Days Flea Market

Dog Days Flea MarketArdmore’s “Dog Days Flea Market” has been around for a number of years. It has gone from dog & livestock trading to a full blown Flea Market. It used to be said that you could find everything but the kitchen sink at a lot of trade days, well at Ardmore Dog Days Flea Market you can even find it. From garden plants to full trees, antiques to collectables, we have all kinds of treasures for your house or lawn. Let's not forget that we also have chickens to horses, and dogs to household birds, you can even do your grocery shopping!

Open Saturday’s Daylight till Dark. Sunday’s Daylight till Noon. On Memorial & Labor Day Weekends-Open Friday through Monday.

For more information, call Alex James 931-427-8168.

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